How to dress like a god for a big event

How to Dress Like a God for a Big Event article Photographer Jason Gurney has spent years designing the perfect wedding dress for his family’s big event.

He recently shared his tips on how to style the dress for the Phoenix Wedding Photography Association’s Big Weekend 2017.

Here are the top tips he shared for his clients.1.

Keep the colors simple2.

Find the right fit3.

Use a bow and ribbon4.

Add a bit of a flourish5.

Use simple silhouettes and shapes6.

Try to stay in character7.

Try not to overdo it8.

Add an accessory to accentuate the look9.

Keep it clean and simple10.

Don’t wear heels11.

Dress for the occasion and not the occasion’s occasion12.

Keep your body silhouette and proportions simple13.

Make sure to wear your hair styled for the day14.

Use minimal make-up15.

Don a simple white dress16.

Keep a small number of dresses for the guests17.

Wear a simple head scarf18.

Don your signature necklace19.

Don the traditional bridal veil20.

Wear something to match the theme of the event21.

Wear long hair in a loose style22.

Avoid wearing high heels23.

Try wearing a wedding ring 24.

Don an engagement ring25.

Wear the same color for both guests26.

Wear your wedding ring in two colors27.

Use one of these three pieces28.

Avoid looking so happy and happy in the same outfit29.

Donning a tie in your bridal outfit30.

Keep up the tradition of wearing a dress to your reception31.

Keep things simple and stylish32.

Avoid unnecessary accessories33.

Make the wedding dress a signature item for your guests34.

Make your wedding dress an important part of your day35.

Make it look more important than any other piece36.

Keep colors simple37.

Keep style simple and subtle38.

Make this the dress you will wear on your wedding day39.

Use the perfect amount of embroidery for a good look40.

Keep to the theme and stay true to the tradition41.

Don colors that are both appropriate and fun42.

Don something a little more formal43.

Avoid being too formal in your ceremony44.

Don things you don’t have to wear45.

Use colors you don:t have to use46.

Don simple, plain, or casual dress47.

Use bold colors48.

Avoid the usual bridal accessories49.

Avoid things that are meant to be a bit over the top50.

Keep everything simple51.

Avoid anything with glitter52.

Keep something simple53.

Avoid embellishments54.

Keep simple and tasteful55.

Keep on trend and avoid the trend trend trend55.

Wear everything simple and simple 56.

Don everything simple with an embellishment57.

Avoid over-the-top colors58.

Make things simple59.

Don anything with minimal or subtle embellishment60.

Don any type of jewelry61.

Keep basic and keep it simple62.

Avoid any type and color accessories63.

Use black and white for your wedding guests64.

Avoid jewelry that has an “I can’t get enough” feel65.

Don all of your bridesmaids dresses66.

Wear all of their dresses67.

Don every pair of dresses68.

Don wedding bands69.

Use everything that your bridemaids wear70.

Don accessories that you can buy for your bris…71.

Wear brides with your wedding bands72.

Wear white gowns73.

Don and don’t use your briss brides dress74.

Use dresses that you already own for your family 75.

Use accessories that are new or unique for your event76.

Avoid wedding dresses that are too small for your venue77.

Don brides dresses that don’t suit your style78.

Wear simple accessories that complement your wedding theme79.

Use an embroidered wedding ring to compliment your wedding event80.

Don whatever is the least traditional for your ceremony81.

Wear plain white dresses and make them simple82.

Use subtle accessories83.

Wear traditional wedding rings84.

Wear classic bridal jewelry85.

Wear fun wedding dresses86.

Don jewelry that you don t need for your weddings wedding or for your events 87.

Don black and brown wedding rings88.

Don traditional brides rings89.

Don dress accessories that add a bit to your wedding experience90.

Don fancy wedding rings91.

Wear whatever suits your wedding venue92.

Wear some wedding jewelry93.

Don expensive wedding rings94.

Wear an embroidering wedding ring95.

Wear wedding rings that have a lot of meaning96.

Wear black and red wedding rings97.

Wear elegant wedding rings98.

Wear gold wedding rings99.

Don sparkly wedding rings100.

Wear sparkly bridal rings101.

Use glittery wedding rings102.

Wear expensive wedding jewelry103.

Wear glittery bridal bracelets104.

Wear sparkling bridal earrings105.

Wear fancy wedding earrings106.

Wear shiny bridal ring107