When you can’t see a wedding photographer, the best photography advice is to go to the beach

By Marko RieckmanA wedding photographer can tell you everything about the day.But a lot of photographers will tell you they just don’t have the time.So they do what many of us do at the beach: shoot photos, take photos, and then send them to the wedding photographer.The problem is, you don’t get paid for it.You’re […]

How to Find an Affordable Photographer Job with the Nashville Photographers

Photojournalist jobs for professional photographers in Nashville are plentiful and are looking to fill their ranks with a diverse mix of applicants, some of whom have been with the organization for years and have had the chance to experience and grow with the community.The Nashville Photographic Association (NPA) announced Monday that its newest job posting […]

‘This is what we’re trying to do with photography’: How a local artist captures a moment of peace

From the moment the world stops for air conditioning in a room in downtown Washington, DC, to the moment a family is reunited with their missing son and daughter-in-law in suburban Minneapolis, people often turn to photography to capture moments of peace and happiness.“It’s kind of like a ritual,” said Lauren Johnson, a freelance photographer […]

Which photojournalists do you trust to cover the Olympics?

The Olympians have made it to Rio de Janeiro, but not without their own challenges.This year, we decided to test out the five photojournalism photographers who have been covering the Olympics since 1998.In this article, we take a look at the five best photojournalist photographers to be covering the 2016 Olympic Games.A quick refresher on […]

How to shoot a wedding in Hawaii

With its sun-drenched mountains, beaches and stunning blue skies, Hawaii is a paradise for photographers.But the state’s traditional way of doing weddings, where couples have to dress up in costume, is considered off-limits to the rest of the country.To accommodate the growing popularity of weddings in Hawaii, the Honolulu City Council last week voted to […]

How Elopement Photographer Chris Karp was taken to hospital in hospital emergency

A photographer has told the ABC that he was taken into hospital by a paramedic to treat his eye condition in an emergency situation.Key points:Chris Karp said the paramedic took him to hospital to treat an eye problemChris Kars, a photographer from the Gold Coast, said the ambulance took him out of hospital in an […]

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