When a ‘real’ photojournalist shoots a selfie, the result is often a meme

Posted February 11, 2020 05:33:04As a photojournalism student at the University of Toronto, photographer Joon H. Kim shot photos of students and families for a year.

Kim, now 31, said he liked to take pictures with the same subjects and use their faces as a reference.

“When you’re shooting something, you want to capture something you know is going to be interesting,” Kim said.

But what he saw when he photographed a family in the park with their dog, for instance, “was something I wanted to do more than photograph.”

“I was able to get a photo that I really liked,” he said.

“You can do the same thing with someone and it’s a little bit different,” he added.

“If it’s somebody you know, you can try to make them look a little more innocent and then they can take a picture of you in that position.”

Kim’s photos can be used as a meme, but it’s often an interesting shot.

For example, a photo of a toddler eating a fruit sandwich at a picnic is the most popular one on social media.

As for how Kim chose to use his photos, the photographer said he was inspired by a viral photo of an elderly man eating a cup of coffee in front of a mirror, which went viral in 2015.

He then noticed how people on social platforms shared their own personal experiences and the reactions they got when they posted photos of themselves eating coffee.

The photos became a meme.

‘They’re really great for the story’Kim said he likes his photos as a source of fun and a source for inspiration.

While he’s been working in the field of social media, Kim said he’s noticed that his photos have become popular with other photographers.

They’ve also become an “essential part of a story.”

Kim said the best way to capture a selfie is to use your camera’s flash as an umbrella to block out the sun, which can help the subject take a better angle.

You can also use your phone’s camera to get the best angle and to get an image that doesn’t appear to be blurry, he said, or just make it more fun to take.

That’s the approach Kim used with his photos of the family, where he photographed the woman sitting in front and the child in the corner.

On his Instagram, Kim wrote: “They’re a great source of inspiration for a story.

It’s not something you can get out of the world of photography, but there are still times when the best photo is a story that’s been told, and it might just be me, I think, or someone else.”

They’re good for the world and you can do anything with them,” Kim added.

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