How to create the perfect Nashville wedding photo using the right camera

Photographer Ryan Shaffer took this beautiful photo of the wedding ceremony in a sunny Nashville, Tennessee, backyard.

Ryan was inspired by a friend who made a similar photo, but with the wedding location in the sun.

“It just looks like a perfect photo of an amazing sunset,” he says.

Here are some tips for taking the perfect picture using a Sony A7 II, a Nikon D5, and a Canon 5D Mk III.


Take your photos with the lens you love.

Ryan says the best way to capture the perfect sunset is with a lens with a wide aperture.

He says a portrait lens is best for this.

“You don’t want to be shooting in the middle of the night, so try to make sure that you get a really bright sunset,” Ryan says.


Use the best camera for your photo.

“Make sure you use the camera you like the most,” Ryan recommends.

“The best camera is the one that is in the most ideal lighting conditions,” he adds.

“Also, the camera should have an image stabilization feature.

It’s important to make the photos look as good as possible.”

Ryan says that when shooting in daylight, it’s best to have the camera at an angle.

If you’re shooting in a dark location, Ryan suggests shooting at an even angle, with the camera pointing away from the sun, so it’s not as sharp.


Choose a focal length.

If shooting in natural light, Ryan says it’s important for you to choose a lens that’s close to your subject.

“If you’re not able to get your subject close to you in natural lighting, you’ll end up with blurry, blurry photos,” he explains.

“So make sure your camera has a lens focal length that’s a bit smaller than the subject.”


Choose an angle for your wedding photo.

Ryan suggests choosing a wide angle when photographing your wedding.

“When you’re photographing in natural sunlight, it is better to have your subject slightly off center,” he tells Shots.

“And if you’re in a natural setting, you want to have them slightly off to the side.

So if you shoot in natural daylight, you should aim for the subject in the background,” Ryan adds.


Set the camera to a landscape mode.

“In landscape mode, the photo will be darker and the sky will be more dark,” he points out.

“This is because the lens will be in a more direct, lower-light, and higher-contrast environment.”


Use your camera’s flash to capture a beautiful sunset.

Ryan recommends using your flash to shoot a sunset in a setting where the sky is a clear and well-lit setting.

“Use your flash at a wide-angle, a short-exposure, and if possible, a super-expose,” he notes.

“Once the sun is setting, turn on your flash and shoot in high-contraction mode,” he advises.

“That will give the image a natural flare and more natural contrast.”


Don’t use a tripod.

“Do not use a tripod or other tripod during your wedding photography sessions,” Ryan warns.

“Tripods can get in the way of your subject, so you can’t capture a perfect sunset in an outdoor setting.”


Be careful when taking photos with your phone.

“Always have your phone turned off when taking your photos,” Ryan suggests.

“Using your phone in the dark will make it harder for the flash to focus on your subject,” he stresses.

“Especially if you are shooting in low-contractions, it can be hard to focus properly.”


Try different angles.

“Try different angles to get a more natural shot,” Ryan advises.


Choose the right wedding photographer.

“There are a lot of different wedding photographers out there,” he emphasizes.

“Some photographers are better at shooting wedding photographers than others,” he warns.

For example, he recommends taking photos of people with a smile or a playful expression, as opposed to the traditionally dramatic, sad face of a photographer who usually shoots with a serious look.

“A lot of wedding photographers have a relaxed and easy-going style, and you can also tell a lot from them by the way they pose,” Ryan points out, “so it’s really important to find a photographer you like.”


Choose your camera for the right scene.

“Choose the camera for a wedding that is right for you,” Ryan concludes.

“As long as you don’t compromise the mood and the mood of the photograph, you will be able to capture an awesome sunset in the backyard of your favorite wedding photographer.”

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