Detroit wedding photographer named the winner of a photo contest

By Alicia Silverman Detroit wedding photographers Alicia Silvermen and Brian Pomerantz won the inaugural “Best of Show” title at the Detroit Wedding Photographers Awards in New York City on Saturday.

The ceremony featured images from the annual awards that honor the best work from photographers across the country.

Silverman won the contest with her work in the ceremony.

She shared the winning image of a wedding with her Instagram followers.

The winning image, from her wedding to Michael Jordan, was chosen by a panel of judges.

The judges also recognized Silverman’s work as a photographer and her work as an ambassador for the Detroit wedding industry.

“This year’s winners are amazing,” Silverman said in a statement.

“I was honored to win this award and thank my family, friends and sponsors for all their support throughout this process.

The whole team here at the Wedding Photography Awards really pushed each other.

I am proud to say that the winner is my wife and our son, Michael, who was born just a few months ago.

They are all really grateful and thrilled for all the love and support that they received.”

The “Best” category, for which winners are judged on how well their work captures a moment in time, also featured images by other Detroit wedding and portrait photographers.

Pomerantz was named the best wedding photographer in the country for his work at the ceremony, and Silverman was named best wedding and portraits photographer.