Maui’s famous nature photographers get paid for images

Maui, Hawaii — With the sun still out, the sun is still shining and the clouds still moving, a young photographer from the Hawaiian island of Kauai took the last of his winter vacation, a family vacation to Maui.

He is among a group of young photographers who are working for a company called Blue Sky, which sells a “photography” app to help photographers make money by selling images to businesses and media outlets.

The company was started by three Maui residents who started working in the hospitality industry about five years ago, said Ryan Schoetz, Blue Sky’s CEO.

They now make about $30,000 a year, and they have been in business for about two years.

Schoetz said they are a very small group, but they have some of the best photographers in the country.

“The number one thing we try to do is try to create a sustainable way to work, and it’s been successful,” he said.

Blue Sky, founded in 2012, is one of a number of companies in Hawaii that provide a platform for photojournalists and photographers to sell their work to companies.

Blue Sky is a subsidiary of photographer Scott M. Thomas, who also founded the popular photo sharing site Flickr.

Thomas, who has been featured in the Huffington Post, said Blue Sky has made a lot of money.

“I think it’s a pretty healthy business,” he told CNN affiliate KHON.

He also said he thinks that the photography industry needs to be more transparent.

“”I think the industry is more open than ever before, and there needs to need to be better transparency and accountability,” Thomas said.

Thomas said that he doesn’t think the public is interested in his work, but that the company’s business model is appealing to the public.

The business model for Blue Sky relies on using a “pay-per-image” model that gives photographers an incentive to sell more photos.

The photos are then sent out to businesses in exchange for advertising.

The photos sold are typically high-resolution images, so Blue Sky charges a commission based on the size of the sale.

Schoettts business model involves using the images to sell ads in magazines and newspapers.

The revenue from the ads, which include the price of a magazine subscription, can be used to pay photographers for other work.”

We have a lot more exposure, but we’re also getting a ton of money in return,” Schoets said.

The work is a part of the photographer’s work life, Schoetts said.

He said the work has a certain value to the photographer.

We’re working with a business that’s been in the tourism business for a long time, and we’re looking for a way to help them,” he added.

The Hawaii Tourism Organization, which represents the tourism industry in Hawaii, said the industry does provide a way for photographers to make money.

KHON said it contacted Thomas and Blue Sky and asked him if he was willing to talk to the station.

Thomas told us he was, and agreed to a chat with KHON reporter Kristi Auld.

Auld asked if the photographer is paid to sell photos.

Thomas replied that he does not receive any money for selling photos.

“It’s not like we’re making money off of that,” he responded.

“I’m just using the photos for my own use,” he explained.

Alden O’Hare, a senior vice president at the Hawaii Tourism Bureau, said that photographers are not paid to make images and that Blue Sky is an independent company.

“They are independent companies that are selling their products, but I’m sure they are paying the photographer to use his image and use his work in a way that is not exploitative or commercial,” O’Huarre said.

This story has been updated to reflect a response from the photographer who made the claim that Blue Sun made money off his work.