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— (BUSINESS WIRE)–In celebration of the launch of the new Boogie, a Boogie-inspired photo series, photographer Brian Weber has teamed up with his friends at Boogie Productions to take over the boogie for a one-of-a-kind, 30-minute film that celebrates the fun of making a boogie.

The film features more than 100 scenes and is available for purchase online starting Friday, Feb. 17.

Weber is the co-founder of Boogie Photography, which launched in April 2016 with the goal of bringing the fun back to the boogies of Indiana.

The first film was shot in late July and has since gone viral.

He said the success of the Boogie film has inspired him to make a full-length documentary to celebrate the boobies.

The Boogie series was inspired by the popular Boogie videos posted on social media.

Weber said the film will chronicle the fun that has been had making a Boogie, a unique and fun way to show off your artistic talent.

Weber said he’s been inspired by all the wonderful people who have participated in the Boogiestay project.

The filmmakers have teamed up to take part in the new film.

Boogie Producer Brett Anderson is directing the film.

He and Boogie Studios, which is located in Louisville, Ky., have partnered with Weber to shoot the Boogy films in the heart of the city, including a new Boogys location in the center of downtown.