What is a Passport Photograph?

Passport photographs are photographs that are registered with the National Passport Service and are produced as a result of a passport application.

The passports are then produced by the Passport Printing Service (PPS).

PPS produces a passport photograph for each passport applicant and the individual who is approved for a passport.

The photographs are processed by the passport issuing authority and passed on to the National Border Agency (NBAA) for processing.

PPS and NBAA will then process the passport photograph as a passport with a valid passport number.

Pending the outcome of an investigation, a passport is issued.

A passport photograph can be scanned and printed for a fee.

This can be done by using a photo-processing device or by using an automated process.

Passport photograph applications must be completed within 15 working days.

Picking up and dropping off passports are the same as other forms of identification, such as a driver’s licence or a passport number plate.

Posing for a photograph is done by the applicant and takes about 30 seconds.

Painted passports are a form of identity verification.

Paying a fee for an identity verification is done using the passport issued to the applicant.

This fee is then passed on by the issuing authority to the issuing agency to complete the passport application process.

In a matter of hours, an identity has been established.

Packing and postage is the same for passport applications and for other documents.

There is no fee for passport photos.

The fee is paid at the border and is payable to the Office of the Border Management.

A Passport Photography Application fee can be paid online through the OCB website or by telephone at (02) 8244 0170.