How did Paul Graham become an international celebrity photographer?

Paul Grahame was born in South Africa to Jewish immigrants in 1930 and moved to England with his parents when he was just four years old.

By the time he was 18 he was working in a bookshop in London and was asked to take over photography for the first time at the London Evening News.

Grahames first big break came when he joined a team of photographers from the New York Post in 1934.

A year later he became the youngest member of the team.

Graham became a regular contributor to the New Yorker, contributing to its first photo section, covering the World’s Fair of 1936 and the first World’s Columbian Exposition.

After World War II Graham joined Magnum Photos, which he helped launch in 1946.

The photo agency expanded to include photography for children’s books, children’s magazines and film and television programs, and in 1952 he was given the chance to take the next step.

He became the first photographer to take an entire photograph of his subject in a public place.

Grahan became a member of Magnum’s editorial board and served as editor-in-chief from 1953 to 1971.

By 1970 he had left Magnum to join Harper’s Bazaar.

At the height of his fame in the mid-1960s, Grahay was working as an associate editor of Harper’s, where he became editor-at-large in 1971.

He took the job as senior editor for the New Republic and the Washington Post in 1971, and became editor in chief in 1978.

Grahm was then named editor-for-all-time of Harper when he took the role in 1978, but the role was never filled.

In 2009 he became president of the National Academy of Photographers, the first African American in the position.

In 2015, he was inducted into the Photography Hall of Fame.

A major reason for his rise to fame was his use of a large camera, which is still in use today.

In the late 1980s, he started to use the Canon 35mm SLR camera, the same model as the Canon SLR cameras used by some of his friends and colleagues.

In his book, Graham talks about how he became one of the first photographers to capture his subject’s expression, which had an emotional impact on him.

Grahname’s photography has been shown on a variety of television programs and movies.

He has also had a photo of himself on his Instagram account, where you can see a montage of his work, including portraits of some of Hollywood’s most famous actors.

He also has a portrait of himself taken by famed photographer Roger Caprio, who was one of Graham’s first clients.

His wife, Mary, also has an Instagram account.

In 2018, Grahnames son, Eric, was awarded the National Medal of Arts, the highest honor given to a young man.

Grahart has also been named to the Associated Press Photography Hall Of Fame, the National Photographers Association Photography Hall-of-Famer and the Society of Professional Photographers (SPP).

In 2019, he received the Getty Images Foundation Image Award.

In 2020, he married his longtime girlfriend, Stephanie, and they have three children.

His grandson, Chris, is an artist and writer.