Top 25 Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

The Indianapolis wedding photography scene is growing in popularity every year, with some photographers taking on major landmarks such as the Colts, the Indianapolis Colts Stadium, and even the Indianapolis Metropolitan Museum of Art.

One of the biggest names in the area is photographer and photographer-turned-artist Adam Schultz, who was born in India and has lived in Indianapolis for a number of years.

Schultz has become a well-known name in Indianapolis as he has worked on many of the most iconic landmarks in the city, including the Colts’ stadium, the Colts Hall of Fame and Museum, the iconic Lucas Oil Building, the Metrodome, and other locations around the city. 

Schultz’s work is so popular that he has become so successful that he was able to afford to purchase a studio in Indiana to continue his passion and passion for the arts. 

Adam Schultz’s studio, located in a building known as the “Indy Palace,” is filled with more than 100 works, including a large print of the Indiana state flag, as well as more than 20 pieces of artwork by Schultz.

The walls are lined with paintings and sculptures, as he is known for his signature style of photography, which can be described as whimsical and often playful. 

The Indianapolis wedding photographer has become known for working with the Indianapolis city, and this year, he was honored by the Indianapolis City Council to receive a National Geographic Traveler Award. 

When Schultz first got interested in photography, he knew he wanted to work with the city because it is so vibrant and exciting. 

“Indy has always been such a hot spot in America, so I knew I wanted to live and work there,” Schultz said. 

As he got older, Schultz began working with other local artists, including many of his own.

His first big break came when he was invited to attend a wedding in his hometown of South Bend, Indiana. 

He spent most of his time working on portraits of the people that he would photograph, but he was also given the chance to meet some of the best photographers in the country. 

One of his most famous portraits of his wife, Amanda, was shot at a wedding. 

In fact, Schulz says he is very fortunate to have a couple of photographers who work with him that make him proud to be able to work in such a beautiful city.

“We always go back and forth, and I just say to myself that I will never let anything happen to me that I can’t control,” Schulz said.

Schultz said he has gotten a lot of positive feedback from the people who have worked with him, including photographers from all over the country who have been inspired by his work.

“I think it really just comes down to what you want from life, and what you are passionate about.

I am really fortunate that I have a good group of people who are really passionate about what they do,” Schutz said.