How to keep the news from ruining your photos

How to stop the news, or not?

How to keep your photos from ruining the image of the people who live there, or the picture of the city?

The first time I visited Chattanooga, I was surprised by the level of detail and diversity of the picturesque landscape, and the variety of natural beauty in the pictures of the surrounding area. 

It’s a lovely place, full of beautiful homes and restaurants, and so much to see and do.

And yet, the images I was seeing of the town were the opposite of what I expected. 

I was surprised to learn that Chattanooga has a very low crime rate. 

However, a high rate of violent crime and shootings is the norm, especially during the summer. 

There are few businesses, schools, parks, or recreational facilities.

For the most part, the picture painted of Chattanooga is one of a city filled with poverty and crime. 

Yet, the city of Chattanooga has the third highest percentage of Americans with a college degree (only Houston and Charlotte have higher numbers). 

So why are the photos being used to paint a picture of Chattanooga that is false? 

Some of the photos, like the one of the famous Chattanooga River Bridge, are taken by photographers who were either on assignment or on vacation. 

Others are taken in the days or weeks before the shootings, and they don’t reflect the people of Chattanooga. 

In short, the photographs that are being used are taken with the intention of deceiving the public into believing that Chattanooga is safe and peaceful. 

But, they are not.

I’m not exaggerating. 

The pictures I took of Chattanooga, from the moment I walked through the gates of the Metro State University campus, showed people with their hands up, facing a wall of police. 

My heart sank.

There are plenty of people in the city who are peaceful and want to live a peaceful life. 

So, why are these pictures being used as propaganda? 

The images are being released in the hopes that people who might be inclined to be violent will see them and think, ‘Ah, well, it’s not that bad, but I’d better get out of town before someone gets hurt.’

These images are meant to make people feel like the police are out to get them. 

This is not an attempt to create fear or panic in the citizens of Chattanooga; this is an attempt by some to control and manipulate the emotions of others.

The purpose of the propaganda is to make the population believe that if they do not vote against the measures to protect the people, they will be targeted and killed. 

One of the main purposes of the media is to push the message of the government that the people have no power, no voice, and are not really citizens. 

Now, I don’t think the people in Chattanooga have any power over the government; the people control the government.

But, the people are constantly told that they have to vote against what is going on, and that is why they are angry. 

As the citizens are told, the government has a duty to protect them.

So, it is up to the government to protect us. 

That’s why the government needs to use propaganda to get the people to vote in their favor. 

And, if they don�t, then it is our responsibility as citizens to vote for the government and protect ourselves and our fellow citizens from the police and the government trying to take over our lives. 

When you hear someone say, ‘There is no such thing as bad publicity,’ think about what they mean. 

Bad publicity means a negative image that causes people to avoid seeing a photo of you. 

A negative image can cause your image to go viral. 

What the media has done is create a negative, even negative image of Chattanooga in the minds of the public. 

They have done this by creating an image of our city, our people, our culture, and our people in general, as bad. 

These images have caused the people here in Chattanooga to feel that they can’t vote, they can�t have their say, and it is time to stop them from voting. 

Many people here believe that the media have a duty and responsibility to represent the people that live in this city. 

We have the right to vote, but we have to do it safely, fairly, and without being intimidated or scared. 

Every time someone has a negative picture of our people and our city being portrayed in the media, we are making our city more dangerous and less safe. 

You can vote against this legislation, but please do so knowing that it is a very serious matter. 

Please vote no on the legislation that would make it easier for our people to be terrorized by police and criminals. 

Voters should vote no to this legislation that has the potential to make our city even more dangerous, and more dangerous than it already is. 

Let us remember, when we vote no