Jewel photographer ‘shot’ wearing neck brace

Posted September 10, 2018 03:01:54 This has been a busy week for a new jewelry photographer who has been caught on camera wearing a neck brace.

The photo shows a man wearing a brace with his left arm above his head as he stands in front of a building in suburban Dallas, Texas.

It is a common sight in this part of the country.

It has been reported that people have been shot in the neck or neck and shoulder area by jewellers who have been wearing the brace in recent years.

The photographer who shot the photo told the ABC News website that he has received death threats.

“I’ve received some really horrible messages that say it was a hoax and that I was making it up to get attention,” he said.

“And I know it’s not true.

But it’s just the way things go.

There’s a lot of people that are upset with what I’ve done, so I just keep doing it.”

In September last year, a photo was posted on Facebook showing a man with a brace on his neck.

The image was shared by a jewellery photographer who was asked to take a picture with the man in the picture.

He was photographed wearing the necklace after he was shot in a parking lot.

The owner of the business that owned the picture said the photo was taken at the end of August when the man had been shot at a restaurant.

The man’s family said the brace had nothing to do with their son.

“We were just trying to keep a calm and respectful presence for him and our other children in the area,” said the jewellery store owner, who asked to remain anonymous.

“He had a brace in his neck for a long time, and we didn’t know he was going to be shot.

We didn’t think it was real.

We did what we could to try to keep the peace and keep our children safe.”

The jewellery shop owner said the owner of his jewellery business had to put up a sign in his window saying: “Don’t be a threat.

We have cameras.

If we need help, contact us.”

The family of the jeweller said they were concerned about the safety of their children in this area.

“There are so many people that come here and they get shot, but they come back and they go back to their lives,” said Joe.

“They don’t know what to do, so they go into the area and they do it again.”

The man is recovering from his injuries and he is expected to be released from hospital soon.

In the past two weeks, police have also been called to an apartment complex near Dallas after a man in a mask was shot and wounded.

A spokesperson for the Dallas Police Department said that officers were called to the apartment complex around 1.40pm local time.

“The caller told police that a man was in the apartment and was threatening people, and he was getting ready to shoot people,” the spokesperson said.