How you can help the #MaternityCamera project to inspire the next generation of photographers

The #MaternalCamera project is raising funds for the MaternityCamera, a camera system that allows mothers to document and share their images on social media.

The camera is designed to be used by women who want to share their maternity images to their friends, but there are many hurdles to overcome before the project can become a reality.

“The first step is to have a camera that’s not only waterproof, but also has an LCD screen to read the images.

The screens are waterproof, so it’s just a matter of waterproofing it,” the project’s CEO, Lola Boulanger, told”

We are using the latest technology to ensure it’s not a case of a person sitting on a beach in the morning, shooting the day before, then bringing the camera into the office and then having to charge it in the office.

We’re also using our existing digital photography system, which we’ve been using for many years.”

The Maternity Camera is not a camera for capturing images, but rather a camera which will act as a social network for mothers to share images of their pregnancies.

The project has been launched on Kickstarter, which allows people to pledge $150 or more to the campaign.

“This is a digital, wearable device that can be used to capture images, share them, and have them instantly available for the community to see and share,” Boulangers project manager, Rebecca Jones, told

“This project is very much about connecting with the women that are using it, and making it a positive thing.”

To make the MaternalCamera, Boulanges team worked with digital image capture specialist Pixabay, a startup that makes custom, high-end photography software.

“The Maternal Camera is the result of a collaborative process of a number of designers, engineers, and developers, working in collaboration,” she said.

“[Pixabay] provided a wide range of support for the design process, which allowed us to design and build the Mailing Box which is used to store the images in the Mating Box, and the Matory Box which houses the images, and then to build the cameras themselves.”

The project also uses Pixabays advanced camera system, the PIX3, which was designed specifically for the camera system.

This system features a range of different imaging technologies, including a digital SLR camera and a range which is able to take images with a depth of field of up to 120 degrees.

“In this way, the Matching Box can be the ultimate companion for any mother who wants to share her pregnancy photos with the world,” the company said.

“It’s also an ideal platform for women who are currently unable to capture their own images on camera, but want to make them part of the larger public record of their experience with pregnancy.”

The first batch of images collected so far have already been shared over 1.2 million times, with more than 100,000 images of mothers in the hospital and other areas of the world being shared.

Since the project started, more than 10,000 people have pledged to the Mental Health and Pregnancy Camera Campaign, and a further 7,000 have pledged.

“As the Makers of Maternal Cameras, we feel the Mockingjay image will be a powerful tool for women to express their feelings about pregnancy, and we are proud to have built this powerful platform to inspire future mothers to take a different approach to sharing their stories,” the Motala team said in a statement.

“I am inspired by this campaign and the positive message it has for women of all ages and backgrounds, and I hope it inspires others to do the same.”

“We hope to continue to raise funds for this project through social media, and hope to bring it to fruition in 2019.”

“As a proud Australian mother, we want to empower other mothers to be able to share the experience of pregnancy with the wider world.”

“It was an exciting project to work on and we have a lot of excitement to bring this vision to life,” the team said.