A photographer whose pictures of the ‘cheap’ wedding photographers have gone viral, is selling them on eBay.

An artist who works in Houston has launched an online auction for wedding photographers who don’t get a paid job.

Karen van Gogh said she’s selling her own photos of cheap wedding photographers on eBay, with the intention of helping her husband, the famous photographer, pay for a trip to his upcoming wedding in France.

“I’m selling them because I want to give my husband a nice, cheap, and quick, cheap wedding.

He’ll be able to attend and be with his family and friends,” she told ABC News.

The auction comes just weeks after an article on the website of the Dallas Morning News detailed how the photographer was getting a $1,500 bonus for his work.

Katherine van Googhem, now 76, started her career as a photojournalist in Houston in 1962, and is considered a pioneer of photography, whose works have been recognized around the world, including the Pulitzer Prize.

Her work includes portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe and Marilyn Monroe’s daughter, and has been featured in The New Yorker, Newsweek and Vanity Fair.

In her most recent book, The Photographer’s Wife, Van Gogh detailed how her husband’s photographs are not always of the highest quality, but are often a better representation of his personalities and style than his professional work.

“My husband has been known to have a lot of time on his hands,” she wrote.

“I like to say that he has always been in the business of being an artist, a painter, a storyteller, and I know this is a gift that I am hoping will keep him in business.”