Photographer: Sedona wedding photographers to be paid more

Sedona, Arizona, is one of the most expensive cities in the United States to visit.

With a population of just over 20,000, the city of 1,600 is located in the northern part of the US.

However, it is home to a number of photography companies, including photographer James Sedona. 

It is estimated that in 2013 alone, the Sedona County, Arizona County Association of Governments paid James Sedora over $7.5 million in income tax and $3.3 million in state income taxes, according to a 2016 investigation by The Huffington Post. 

But the city is not without its critics, who say that it is a “ghetto of poverty,” and a “black market” where “white collar criminals can make a living from it.” 

According to The Washington Post, some of the photographers that are paid more in tax are those who are “sitting on the sidelines,” and are often overlooked by the public, making them ineligible for any tax credits, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit. 

James Sedona has also faced criticism for not following the rules of the state, including being a “non-resident” who doesn’t pay income tax in the state. 

One of the biggest problems for Sedona is that, although he does live in the city, he doesn’t work there. 

“The state doesn’t tax me, I don’t pay them.

I work in my backyard, in my garage, my shed, and I’m paying my own bills,” James Sedana said. 

When asked about the issue, Sedona’s attorney, Mark Deutsch, told the Arizona Republic, “There’s nothing wrong with me working in my yard.

I don.t pay my taxes, and if they did, they would be paying me taxes.” 

James said that when he first moved to Sedona in 2015, he was unaware of the city’s policies.

He told the newspaper, “I thought I was in New York or somewhere.

I didn’t think it was like this.

The only thing I know is that the city pays me and the city doesn’t want to pay me.

I was like, what is this, I’m going to be in Sedona.” 

However, Sedna’s story doesn’t end there.

After a number “white collars” took advantage of his status and made him work for them, he told The Huffington Report that he decided to file a lawsuit against them. 

In the suit, James said he was paid $100 a day, $25 for each day he was in the business, and $15 for each night he worked. 

As the case went through the courts, he said that the payments were “a lot less than they were” and that they never paid him for overtime. 

He also said that he has to be at work 24 hours a day and has to work on weekends and holidays. 

According the Washington Post: James is not alone in his struggle to make ends meet. 

The Arizona Republic reported that a number other photographers have been hit with similar cases, including a woman who filed a complaint in March alleging that a photographer she worked with made more than $60,000 a year, according the Arizona Daily Star. 

For more on James Sedna, check out this story by the Associated Press: