Military photographer jacobs Ris’ photos from war on ISIS

Photographer J.R. Robbins has photographed for the United States and allies in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

Now, Robbins, 65, has his own war on the Islamic State group.

Robbins, a former combat photographer, said the photos were part of his “projection work” in Iraq and Syria.

The photos show ISIS fighters from different backgrounds, he said.

“The images show the diversity of Iraq and the Syrian battlefield,” Robbins said in an email.

“I don’t know how to say this better than J.J. Abrams, commander of the U.S. Army, in the White House, but he is a true badass.”

Robbins, who now works in Europe, told The Associated Press in March he had photographed the first U.N.-led force to go into Syria.

He said he photographed the fighting and said he found the images “really inspiring.”

He said in one photo, he captured the first Iraqi soldier, a man who wore a uniform but appeared to be a civilian.

Robbins said the images were taken in late 2015 and early 2016.

He has a few more to go and says he hopes to continue shooting in Syria, where he has been shooting for more than a decade.