Celebrating the life and times of photographer Frank Lutz

A former police officer has died after being shot to death in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a city where the media and even a local celebrity have devoted decades to documenting the city’s past.

The body of Frank Lutz, 78, was discovered by his son on Thursday in his home in the town’s North Side neighborhood.

The coroner said Lutzes death was a homicide.

Lutz was a police officer in Chattanooga for 28 years, and was known for his photographs that captured the citys history and its residents.

The photographer was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, and earned a degree in art history at the University of Minnesota, according to his obituary.

Lutz began his career as a photographer in St Louis, Missouri, in 1954 and then moved to New York, where he worked in advertising and film production, according the National Portrait Gallery in Washington.

He later moved to Los Angeles, where his family moved in the 1970s.

Lutzes first published work in 1972.

He was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in photography in 1983, the Associated Press reported.

His work won him a lifetime achievement award in 1985.

The AP reported that Lutzbys parents were a father and a grandfather.

He is survived by his wife, Helen; a son, Frank; and a daughter, Jennifer.