‘My eyes are closed’: Photographer shares haunting images of his parents’ final moments in hospital

After the horrific tragedy of their death, the family of a young Indian photographer and filmmaker have decided to keep his life secret.

The photographer, who went by the pseudonym Ramesh, has been battling a rare form of cancer, and is battling for his life to receive the prestigious Kodak Award for Best Young Photographer.

“We had to keep it a secret, and it’s been quite difficult,” said Rameshar, 25.

“It’s been difficult for me to see my parents for the last three months and not have them come to visit us, and not see them in person.”

My parents were only around once a month, and they had just come back from a trip to India.

My dad is a painter, so he’s always there to look after my mum and me.

My mum is a photographer and she’s always photographing.

“Rameshr was born and raised in Jamshedpur, India’s second-largest city.

His father, Rameshwari, was a businessman and Rameshmesh, a photographer, had studied at a school in Delhi.

The family relocated to New Delhi when Rameshew was four, and moved to Mumbai in 1993, where he worked for the Indian magazine, The Hindu.

Ramesha was married to the painter Rameswajit and had two daughters, Sushil and Prakash.

“I can’t think of a person who’s done more for India. “

He was just the kind of person who could just make us smile,” said his brother-in-law, Pramod Rameshaw.

“I can’t think of a person who’s done more for India.

It’s been very difficult for us to see them.”

Ramesh was a keen photographer and had spent time with the painter’s family in New Delhi, who had a collection of over 100 paintings.

“There were many, many photographs of my parents, and I took them.

It was very difficult,” he said.

Rameh’s mother said the family was deeply touched by the photographs, and said it was “an extremely touching tribute” to their son.

“Our family is deeply saddened by the passing of our beloved son, Raresh,” she said.

“This was the only way we could see our family together and not apart.”