How to get to the bottom of a bizarre ‘wizard’ murder mystery

The FBI is searching for a mysterious man who has been seen in several videos in the last few years that have been widely shared online.

Authorities are calling him “J.A.R.G.U.S.” or J.A.-R.E.G.” and have begun searching for the “wizard” who shot and killed his girlfriend’s mother.

They’re asking anyone who has seen J.J. Johnson or has any other images of him or his girlfriend to contact the FBI’s Los Angeles office at (310) 585-3845 or Los Angeles Area Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS.

The FBI says in a statement that Johnson is a known member of the Ku Klux Klan, the neo-Nazi and white supremacist group.

The group has several members in the United States, including Johnson.

The news of his arrest comes as the nation is grappling with the growing popularity of online videos of murders, suicides and other unusual crimes.

The first video, published in 2014, showed a man with a black hat and mask walking down the street in a gray car with a gun.

That video was followed by another in May that showed a black man in a white mask, with a handgun, pointing a gun at a young black man and yelling, “You gonna shoot me?

You gonna shoot my mom?

You’re gonna kill my grandma?

You gon kill my dad?

You are nothin’.

“J.J.-Johnson is seen in a series of videos published on YouTube, where he has said he’s a member of a black-supremacist group.

He has posted several videos with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, including one in May in which he said, “Black lives matter.

All lives matter.

“Johnson has posted a series called “White Trash,” which he describes as a collection of clips from white supremacist groups, many of which were filmed in 2015 in New Orleans.

In one video, Johnson said, “‘White Trash’ is a collection.

It’s not a compilation.

It is not a single video, but a collection that I’m creating now.

So it’s not just a collection, it’s a collection from all over the world.

“The video has been viewed over 14 million times and has more than 50 million views.

He said in a YouTube video last year that the video had been a “joke” and was taken out of context.

Johnson’s father, Fred, also said he was a member, though Fred Johnson said he wasn’t involved in the murder.

Fred Johnson told The Associated Press in an email that his son was not a member and did not own a gun and didn’t have any history with law enforcement.

Johnson has been charged with first-degree murder, felony murder, first-class murder, criminal possession of a weapon and felony possession of drugs.

His bail is set at $500,000 and he was released from jail on $100,000 bail on Thursday.

He is scheduled to be back in court on April 10.