Jimmie Nelson and his wife get a bit too close

News..com: Jimmie and his lovely wife are getting a bit close.

They are planning a wedding in their hometown of Maroochydore, Western Australia.

Jimmie Nelson is a keen photographer and has a collection of more than 200 items from around the world.

He has been photographing people and animals since he was a child.

But this time, he will be taking his camera with him to the wedding of his wife, Julie, and son, Nick.

It will be a very special occasion for Jimmie.

He says his wedding will be “the greatest day of my life”.

Jimmie says his wife has taken his photography very seriously and they have always done the same.

“I really love the job I do and it’s been very fulfilling.

I am just getting to enjoy it every day.”

It’s so nice to have a family, to have someone who really cares for me and who has been my family and my friends for so many years.

“But for Julie, it’s a chance to see her son Nick and nephews grow up.”

Nick is a very quiet little boy,” she says.”

He likes to play outside and do his own thing.

He likes to eat in the street and he’s very, very smart.

“When he comes to school, he doesn’t do anything, so it’s always a challenge for us to feed him.”

Jimmie and Julie will be sharing the same table for the reception.

It was a chance for Jimie and Julie to meet and spend time together.

“They’re very close and they’re very, quite friendly, they’re just two boys who love each other,” Julie says.

“So it’s great to meet them.”

The couple say they have a “special bond” and that they are ready for their son Nick to grow up as well.

“We are very excited about the fact that we have a new baby brother, and it will make me feel so proud,” Jimmie says.

“And I’m sure he’ll look up to us as well.”

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