What to wear to a wedding in Los Angeles

“I’m a photographer.

I love photography, I’m passionate about it, and I’m a fan of the way it’s depicted on television and in movies.

I’ve been doing weddings for 20 years, and this was one of the first I was able to do because I didn’t have a background.

It’s a passion project for me.”

The bride and groom at her Los Angeles wedding Photographer: Kristian Schreiner/Getty ImagesKristian Schreeiner was a photographer for five years before she married Mark Schree.

“I have a passion for weddings,” she said.

“It was a really big thing for me when I was 16, and it was so important to me to get married and to do my own wedding, which is one of my priorities.

I got married at 26.

I have two kids and I feel like I’m ready to be a mother.

I was really fortunate to have this opportunity.”

Her wedding photo shoot was a celebration of her love for photography, and her commitment to documenting her wedding day in a way that captures her husband’s signature style and sense of style.

“We were a very special couple,” she told me.

“When you go to a bridal shower or a reception, you are so in awe of your guests, and they are so wonderful and amazing and they’re all just so beautiful.

You want to share that moment with them and really embrace it and enjoy it.

And then you take it away.

It was a very intimate moment.”

Schreeiner’s wedding photo project will be available for purchase on Instagram, as well as through her website and Facebook page.

Her photos are available in a wide variety of formats including portrait, still and still lifes, as you can see in the gallery below.

Kristian, who also works as a photo editor and fashion designer, said she plans to focus on her wedding photography as she grows older.

“This is something I’m really passionate about, and that’s going to make me more successful,” she explained.

“My passion for photography has grown a lot as I’ve gotten older.

I think I’m starting to see the value of it.”